VR360 Immersive Imaging began life back in 1999 a multimedia development of its parent company Maruss Inc. The initial goal was to provide a new and exciting viewing technology for photographic images and to enhance the already popular multimedia CD rom presentations produced by Maruss Inc.

During the past few years this technology has dramatically increased and has quickly become one of the best marketing tools available for the tourist and realtor businesses.

To keep up with the changing technologies VR360 has changed camera systems to always stay at the forefront of the industry and has utilized all of the available technologies and software to present the absolute best images in the industry.

In 2003, VR360 expanded into VR360 LLC, an independent company dedicated to the production of this technology, and has begun to create licensed agencies worldwide.

Our technical expertise is based on our company directors and staff, who for many years have been involved in all aspects of the travel and tourism industries and have been on the forefront of technical advances with multimedia developments which increase marketing revenues by being on the cutting edge.

Our mission statement is very simple.

We aim to provide the very best virtual tour and multimedia presentations both on CD rom and Web based. Along with an excellent support team for all of our clients and licensed agency partners.

We will always continue to change and maintain our cutting edge, while building a rock solid company for our associates to grow their business along with ours.

We provide the absolute best product, while remaining cost effective and budget friendly.


About Us