Our tours consist of photographing the front and back of the house, all rooms, except bathrooms, as panoramas and linking these together to make a visual walk through of the home, including links on the screen so that you can navigate from one area to another just by clicking the link.  It also includes still photographs of all the same areas and this time there are photographs taken of the bathrooms and included as a slide show after the virtual tour of the house finishes playing.  This is built to a CD format, which is left unlocked for the client to burn copies if required, and also given a unique web link for each home, commercial premises etc.  We also host the tour free of charge for the first year on our server.
Example of a home as a virtual tour www.vr360.net/homes/2602eib

Pricing : 3 bedroom homes                         $150.00
               4 bedroom homes                         $175.00
               5 bedroom homes                         $200.00
               6 bedroom homes                         $225.00
               7 bedroom homes                         $250.00
               8 bedroom homes                         $275.00
               Games rooms                                $  25.00
               Community Features                     $  25.00

There is a choice of the presentation viewing skins that the client can choose from, or we can create an individual one if the client wants to show the entrance name of the subdivision. 

To view a selection of the options please click on www.vr360.net/homes/skins.pdf  The inset rectangle is the position of where the virtual tour will show when playing.


Photography & Virtual Tours